Wash And Go!!

 Wash and go? Yeah right! More like wash, detangle, deep condition,apply leave-in conditioner, gel ,blow dry and then go. Doesn't sound so simple now does it? Every now and then i get this question ' what do you do to your hair to make it curly?' and my replies are always the same .'Gel'.  'So you... Continue Reading →


Diy (Do it yourself) Hair Treatment.

Having natural hair means you are open to experimenting with so many products. Not just commercial product that you can buy at the hair store  but what you can whip up in your kitchen. Which is natural,safe for your hair and  best of all, inexpensive.  Heres a list of items you can mix together to... Continue Reading →

All about the Edges! 

Edges are the most important part of a woman's hair. I personally would rather have short hair and full edges than long hair and thin edges. If you used to have full edges and not so much now,you are probably doing things that are making your edges thin out and you cant quite tell what... Continue Reading →

Wash Day ; I Can’t!!

Yes you can! ' Wash Day' is not a naturalistas favourite day(myself included). We can all admit that we only get exicted about wash day when we want to try out a new hair product (guilty).The more your hair,the more time it takes to clean so brace yourself my friend. This day makes you reminisce about... Continue Reading →

10 Things To Know And 10 Tips For Transitioners.

Making that descision to completely return natural is easier said than done.( aka Transitioning)  Yes i use the word 'returning natural' instead of 'going natural'  because we africans weren't born with straight hair in the first place so technically your hair is  returning to its original state. If you're reading this you probably thought about transitioning or... Continue Reading →

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